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“What bills do I pay?” Handling Creditors in a Florida Probate Estate


One of the most common questions we receive as Probate Attorneys is how to handle bills of the Decedent, and whether or not they should be paid. Many mistakenly believe as the Personal Representative, they automatically become personally liable for the debt.

Upon meeting with us for a probate administration, we will ask questions and […]

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Estate Planning – What Failing to Plan Really Costs

I recently began practicing Estate Planning Law, and within the first week, I realized I had no idea just how crucial it is to properly plan out your estate.

Yes, you can Google a Will off the internet and use that to create yourself a Will, but it likely will not save your loved ones […]

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How Long Should I Keep That?

Whether you are preparing your taxes or getting a jump on spring cleaning, if you are like me, before you through out those important papers, you may ask yourself, “how long do I need to keep that? ”

Here are a few tips on how long you should keep them:

7 Years
3 Years (after satisfied)

Burial […]

Probate Success Story

We were contacted by a Seller in a real estate transaction where the title company realized at the 11th hour that Probate Administration was necessary. The Buyer was anxious to close, under time constraints, and threatened to walk away from the deal if closing was going to be delayed beyond a certain time.

Our firm […]

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Organizing Your Estate Planning Documents

You took the big step and had your estate planning documents drawn up. Now, where do you keep them and who to give them to?

Many people feel overwhelmed when they sign their estate planning documents, but it is truly a gift to your loved ones knowing that your affairs are in order and your […]

Probate – A Smooth Transition

Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, in 1789, said “…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Unfortunately, we are all going to face death at some point.  How we prepared for it can make it a lot less traumatic for our family.  While most of […]