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Power is Knowledge

I remember the days when I would kick and scream and beg for five more minutes to sleep before pulling myself out of bed to go to school. I’m sure many of us who are now parents go through this daily ritual with our children.

Fast forward about thirty years and now I’m like a […]

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Probate Success Story

We were contacted by a Seller in a real estate transaction where the title company realized at the 11th hour that Probate Administration was necessary. The Buyer was anxious to close, under time constraints, and threatened to walk away from the deal if closing was going to be delayed beyond a certain time.

Our firm […]

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Organizing Your Estate Planning Documents

You took the big step and had your estate planning documents drawn up. Now, where do you keep them and who to give them to?

Many people feel overwhelmed when they sign their estate planning documents, but it is truly a gift to your loved ones knowing that your affairs are in order and your […]

Are you owed back RENT?

If you own rental property, you may come across a tenant, for whatever reason that has stopped paying rent.  You may give them the benefit of the doubt, but there may come a time that you need to evict them.  The process for an eviction for non-payment of rent isn’t difficult, but it does […]

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There are many opinions as to when the best time is to sell your home.  Some people say the ideal time is in the spring months to make sure they are settled in their home before the start of the new school year.
However, if you position your house right, putting your house up […]

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Corporate Identity Theft

A few weeks ago we looked at personal identity theft and resources to help protect your identity. But did you know businesses are just as vulnerable to identity theft?
All business entities in the state of Florida must register with the Florida Division of Corporations. That’s the official records warehouse for all business records. Some […]

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New Title Insurance Fee

Beginning on Sep. 2, 2014, by order of the Office of Insurance Regulation, all Florida title insurance agents must collect a surcharge of $3.28 per policy to be used to reimburse the receivers assigned to administer the receiverships of two underwriters, National Title Insurance Company and KEL title Insurance Group, Inc. This surcharge will […]

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