Business Cards Are Here To Stay

Did you know that trading of cards for business and personal visits dates back to the 15th century in China and 17th century in Europe?  They were about the size of a playing card and were used to announce the impending visit of some member of the aristocracy.  By the late 18th and early […]

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“What bills do I pay?” Handling Creditors in a Florida Probate Estate


One of the most common questions we receive as Probate Attorneys is how to handle bills of the Decedent, and whether or not they should be paid. Many mistakenly believe as the Personal Representative, they automatically become personally liable for the debt.

Upon meeting with us for a probate administration, we will ask questions and […]

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Estate Planning – What Failing to Plan Really Costs

I recently began practicing Estate Planning Law, and within the first week, I realized I had no idea just how crucial it is to properly plan out your estate.

Yes, you can Google a Will off the internet and use that to create yourself a Will, but it likely will not save your loved ones […]

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Typically, the last day to file your taxes is April 15th, but this year the deadline falls on April 18th. So if you procrastinate about doing your taxes, you have a few extra days.

You may think the IRS is giving you a present of a few extra days, but the real reason has a […]

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The days of a 40 hour work week seem to be a thing of the past. With email, texting, messaging and voicemail, many of us don’t disconnect from work even when we leave the office. With the constant barrage of work related interruptions, having balance is important to your mental and physical well-being. We’ve […]

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How Long Should I Keep That?

Whether you are preparing your taxes or getting a jump on spring cleaning, if you are like me, before you through out those important papers, you may ask yourself, “how long do I need to keep that? ”

Here are a few tips on how long you should keep them:

7 Years
3 Years (after satisfied)

Burial […]

Happy New Year From Around The World

The New Year offers us the opportunity to forget our mistakes of the last 12 months and start with a fresh slate. Whether you believe in luck, fate, or plain old hard work, why not stack the cards in your favor. Cultures from around the world have their own “lucky charms” to help ring […]

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As the year comes to a close, many of us will be reflecting on the past 12 months. Was it a good year, did we do all we set out to accomplish, but more importantly, what are we grateful for?

We’re all so busy multi-tasking. Driving the kids to school, soccer games, taking care of […]

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Power is Knowledge

I remember the days when I would kick and scream and beg for five more minutes to sleep before pulling myself out of bed to go to school. I’m sure many of us who are now parents go through this daily ritual with our children.

Fast forward about thirty years and now I’m like a […]

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Probate Success Story

We were contacted by a Seller in a real estate transaction where the title company realized at the 11th hour that Probate Administration was necessary. The Buyer was anxious to close, under time constraints, and threatened to walk away from the deal if closing was going to be delayed beyond a certain time.

Our firm […]

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