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Probate Success Story

Probate Success Story
We were contacted by a Seller in a real estate transaction where the title company realized at the 11th hour that Probate Administration was necessary. The Buyer was anxious to close, under time constraints, and threatened to walk away from the deal if closing was going to be delayed beyond a certain time.

Our firm was able to file the Probate Administration and obtain the necessary orders to satisfy clearing title in one week! This saved the transaction and made the Buyers, Seller, Realtors, Title Company, and Mortgage Broker very happy.

Doing this in one week was in and of itself miraculous, as the Probate Court is currently backlogged 3-4 months. Although we cannot promise such results every time, our experienced and knowledgeable staff was instrumental in getting this file rushed through the Court and holding this deal together. We promise to use our knowledge and understanding of probate and real property law to navigate through the probate process to clear title for closing.

The moral of the story is call us early when selling a property to determine if probate is required. Do not wait until the day before closing to find out probate is necessary. However, if you find a problem when title is examined, Blade & Blade, P.A. can assist you.