Probate & Trust Administration

Trusted Probate Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL

Trusted Probate Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL

It’s essential to seek support from trusted attorneys handling family affairs such as wills, trusts, and probate since such matters require vast knowledge and proven experience in that area.

In Pompano Beach, the trusted company dedicated to helping you regarding probates, wills, and other family matters is Blade& Blade. We have a professional probate attorney that can provide the exemplary service that you need.

What sets us apart?

Our company has been serving the residents of Pompano Beach and nearby areas for almost 45 years and counting. Starting from our ancestors up to the budding attorneys of our family-owned company, the experience and knowledge we have are our most significant advantage among others. We continue to flourish through the wisdom transcended by our succeeding professionals and dedicate our service to you with our plausible expertise.

Furthermore, our company comprises committed people with dedication to provide the appropriate solution to your unique needs. So whether it’s about real estate planning, probate, and trust administration– Blade & Blade can tailor the right solution for you. If you’re looking for the right Probate Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL, we are the right place to consult.

Our high success rate of winning a case is also one of our best achievements, showing how we work hard for every case. You can also check our 5-star ratings and reviews from our previous satisfied clients.

About Blade & Blade

Blade & Blade is a family-owned business providing excellent legal advice regarding various issues relating to wills, trust, real estate, and probate. Since 1997, the company has gained the confidence of many people because of its dedication and commitment to serve.

With over 16 experienced team members, Blade & Blade is fully armed to support you until the end of your case. Thus, they have enough personnel to guide you throughout, making your life efficient and convenient.

What Blade Clients say about our Estate and Probate services?

With over decades of serving the community, Blade & Blade have worked with various clients, and most of them are satisfied with their services. One of their clients of over ten years is overjoyed with its excellent customer service and kind staff. He added that he would highly recommend Blade & Blade. They also received wise words from their other client, complimenting their professionalism and great expertise. They also have five-star ratings, showing how satisfied most of their clients are.

Probate Attorney Near You

If you’ve been asking questions like, where can I find a great probate attorney near me?– Blade & Blade office is the place to visit. You can experience on-hand services that will help you administer the will of your deceased family member. They can also provide legal advice regarding real estate transactions, estate planning, probate, and trust administration.

Other services

Other than excellent probate service, Blade & Blade also provide additional services such as:

Estate Planning

Planning your will is essential to control the distribution of your possessions and wealth when you die. It might be an uncomfortable topic, but life is unpredictable. So, if you’re ready to secure the distribution of your wealth, our estate planning attorney is here to help.

We will walk you through the process from writing your will, consulting about the living trust up to creating a durable power of attorney. You can book a free consultation today and start with the process of your estate planning. Create your will with us!

Real Estate Law

Are you a business owner having a hard time completing the transactions regarding your real estate investments? Blade & Blade is dedicated to getting every real estate transaction safe and easy. We provide services to help you with all your real estate matters, from creating contracts to refinance. With our assistance, you’ll feel secure and protected for every transaction and investment you make.

Pet Trusts

Pet trusts are also essential to continue supporting animals even when the owner is dead or incapable of providing for their needs. If you want to process trusts for your pets, we at Blade & Blade are willing to walk you through the process of entrusting your pet to another owner. It’s one way to ensure that your pets are in good hands when you’re gone.

Generally, creating pet trusts is complicated, and it includes factors that you need to consider. However, with the help of experienced and well-trained Blade & Blade staff, everything will be easy. We will ensure that you construct evident trust for your lovely pets.


What is probate?

Probate is the legal term used regarding the review and administration of the Last and will Testament of the deceased person. It’s usually handled by attorneys to ensure that everything written on the will is followed. Moreover, probate attorneys also provide advice to settle any issues regarding the will.

Why is probate necessary?

Probate is essential to authorize or legalize the administration of the will following the death of the person. It’s also one way to determine whether the person’s assets are allocated to the proper beneficiaries based on the will. It’s generally necessary when the deceased person has a considerable amount of property and wealth. Furthermore, probate is also typical when the will is contested.

What assets can avoid probate?

In Florida, assets held in a living trust may pass to beneficiaries without probate court proceedings. This is because the state has abolished its system of forced administration upon death and replaced it with an individual’s choice as executor or administrator for those who want one under their will-type document instead–allowing you more control over how your belongings are distributed; after passing on earth!

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