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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays
There are many opinions as to when the best time is to sell your home. Some people say the ideal time is in the spring months to make sure they are settled in their home before the start of the new school year.

However, if you position your house right, putting your house up for sale around the holidays has its benefits.

Studies have shown that homes listed around the holidays typically have a higher selling price and can also sell quicker than homes listed in the spring. Many people don’t want the hassle of staging or showing their home during the holidays, so potential buyers have less inventory to choose from.

Buyers are more serious. Everyone is super busy during the holidays and if people are spending their time looking at homes, more than likely they are serious about buying, and SOON, which can result in a faster closing time.

Scents of the season permeating through the house makes your home feel warm and cozy. If you live up north, the sound of a crackling fire place has a lot of appeal. Having less foot traffic walking through your home also gives potential buyers more time to walk around and see themselves living in the home.

Lastly, most people want to be in their new home by December 31, so they can take advantage of potential tax breaks and homestead exemptions. Those exemptions could be substantial and could prompt a buyer to make a move during the holidays rather than wait for the spring.