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How Long Should I Keep That?

How Long Should I Keep That?
Whether you are preparing your taxes or getting a jump on spring cleaning, if you are like me, before you through out those important papers, you may ask yourself, “how long do I need to keep that? ”

Here are a few tips on how long you should keep them:

Forever 7 Years 3 Years (after satisfied) Other
Burial Instructions Checkbook Car Loan Papers Bank Account Statements (1 year history)
Birth Certificate CD Statements Home Equity Line of Credit Papers Motor vehichle(s) title(s) (until you sell)
Beneficiary Forms for Insurance Policies Account Statements Mortgage Driver’s License (until expired)
Cemetery Plot Deed Credit Union Account Book/Statements Promissory Notes Living Will/Health Care Proxy (until updated)
Charitable Trust Account Credit/Debit Card Statements Rental and/or Lease Agreements Durable Power of Attorney (until updated)
Buy/Sell Partnership Agreements Checking Account Statements Securities-Based Loan Papers Last Will and Testament (until updated)
Death Certificate Employee Records
Employee Retirement Plans Money Market Account Statements
Family Trust Account Payroll Records
Federal and State Gift Tax Returns Prenuptial Agreement (after divorce)
Financing Papers Savings Account Statements